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How To Make Money in Stocks with Julie Stav

Julie Stav is announcing her First Ever Stock Market Investment Boot Camp, a series of six online classes, two hours each, that will teach you step-by-step how to successfully invest in stocks, ETFs and DRIPs.

If you don't have the time or the desire to get a PhD in finance, but you still want to learn what you really need to know to make money in the stock market, this Boot Camp series is for you!

Investment Boot Camp Breakdown

By the end of the six two-hour sessions, you will:

  • 1. Be able to define what your individual money personality is, and which investment types suits you best.
  • 2. Learn how to use the most helpful and user-friendly free websites available today to evaluate, choose, and simply track your investments.
  • 3. Understand a proven method that will teach you how to buy, choose what and when to buy, and most importantly, when to say goodbye and sell a stock.
  • 4. Learn how to form educational investment clubs that will provide a fun and interactive way to continue fostering your investment abilities.
  • 5. Learn to manage your own mutual fund or 401k accounts by understanding how to evaluate and choose the best mutual funds for you.
  • 6. Discover a way to start investing in the best dividend-paying stocks without having to pay any commissions to brokers.
  • 7. Find out what an Exchange Trade Fund is, and how to use it to make money during good and bad times in the market without having to be glued to your computer screen.

These classes are archived online for convenient future viewing for all registered participants.

To help reinforce the concepts covered in each class, supporting material is available for each class. The content can be printed and then combined to create a helpful workbook.

Should you ever find the need, Julie will personally answer your questions via email.

So if you've ever aspired to become a successful and profitable investor, now with Julie Stav's Stock Market Investment Boot Camp, you will learn some easy to understand yet powerful money-making techniques. Visit us at and register today.

The cost for all six sessions is $299

For questions or technical support please call us at 818-223-8134 or e-mail

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